• Statement by Hon Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee

    100 MPs against the Government over the pro-Palestine vote

    This open letter, whose first subscriber is Fabrizio Cicchitto, Chamber PDL group leader, harshly criticizes both methods and contents of the government’s choice.

    2012-12-11 by Fiamma Nirenstein

  • Spain and UN Palestinian bid

    A Policy Without Principles

    Every time Palestinians from Jerusalem are asked if they prefer to live under an independent Palestinian state or to continue being Arab citizens of Israel, they overwhelmingly choose the latter option.

    2012-11-29 by Rafael Bardají

  • The Times

    Friends of tolerance and democracy are Friends of Israel


    Hamas has caused this conflict through its continued bombardment of the Israeli people.

    2012-11-19 by José María Aznar

  • Tunisia, Hezbollah and NATO

    Three Things that the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Could Do for Israel today

    He should know that Article 2.27 of Tunisia’s constitutional draft explicitly includes a rule stating that it is a criminal act to establish the “normalization” of relations with Israel since it is a Zionist entity.

    2012-10-25 by Rafael Bardaji

  • The Chavista Judeophobia

    Chávez and Anti-Semitism

    Bearing in mind the dreadful economic situation as well as terrifying insecurity, it is no wonder that Venezuela has experienced a genuine Jewish exodus since Chávez took office.

    2012-10-02 by Mario Noya

  • Published in The Times

    How dare the world shun Israel on terrorism

     Forty years after Munich, we are wrong to block the country most affected by atrocities.

    2012-07-24 by José María Aznar

  • Presence of Israel as an observer at the NATO summit

    NATO: Turkey against Israel

    2012-05-10 by President Aznar, Ambassador John Bolton, Robert Agostinelli, President Alejandro Toledo, Lord David Trimble, Lord Weidenfeld, Fiamma Nirestein, Marcelo Pera, William Shawcross, Andrew Roberts and Carlos Bustelo

  • New Statement

    Why we should be side by side with Israel now

    Defending Israel is not a matter of altruism. Defending Israel is in the West’s strategic, economic, military, and – yes, moral interest.

    2012-03-15 by All the Founder Members