• Recognising a Palestinian State

    Margallo and Palestine: An indecent proposition

    If talks are currently at a standstill, it is due largely to the fact that Palestine’s leaders have chosen the unilateral path instead of negotiating. They want to impose from outside the negotiating table what they refuse to discuss at the table.

    2014-11-18 by Rafael Bardaji

  • Letter to the EU Foreign Ministers

    A call to responsibility

     Recognizing Palestinian statehood now will not promote peace, will not boost negotiations and will not change the reality on the ground.

    2014-10-24 by Friends of Israel Initiative Members

  • Regarding the guidelines on joint funds between the EU and Israel

    Letter to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the European Union

     We proudly recall Europe’s past contribution to the peace process, evident in its instrumental role in formulating the 2002 Israeli-Palestinian Roadmap for Peace.

    2013-10-01 by Members of the Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Statement by Hon Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee

    100 MPs against the Government over the pro-Palestine vote

    This open letter, whose first subscriber is Fabrizio Cicchitto, Chamber PDL group leader, harshly criticizes both methods and contents of the government’s choice.

    2012-12-11 by Fiamma Nirenstein

  • Spain and UN Palestinian bid

    A Policy Without Principles

    Every time Palestinians from Jerusalem are asked if they prefer to live under an independent Palestinian state or to continue being Arab citizens of Israel, they overwhelmingly choose the latter option.

    2012-11-29 by Rafael Bardají

  • Tunisia, Hezbollah and NATO

    Three Things that the Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister Could Do for Israel today

    He should know that Article 2.27 of Tunisia’s constitutional draft explicitly includes a rule stating that it is a criminal act to establish the “normalization” of relations with Israel since it is a Zionist entity.

    2012-10-25 by Rafael Bardaji