• Livingstone is denying anti-Semitism exists while simultaneously proving that it does

    Ken Livingstone gets the history wrong on anti-semitism and Hitler

    http://capx.co/ken-livingstone-gets-the-history-wrong-on-anti-semitism-and-hitler/ The sole reason Livingstone brought up the Fuhrer was to be as vicious and loathsome as he possibly could.

    2016-05-03 by Professor Andrew Roberts

  • Brussels Terrorist Attacks: Another Chapter of this War

    We are amid a turning moment in our history. The moment to repeat the mistakes of the past or the moment to tackle all these challenges and overcome them. It is up to us.

    The Brussels terrorist attacks are another chapter in a war that we have to win. It is in our hands.

    2016-03-23 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • The Miami Herald, March 12

    The West’s fight against terrorism is anemic


    The United States, the United Kingdom and our coalition partners must intensify our anemic action to destroy the Islamic State

    2016-03-14 by Colonel Richard Kemp and Lt. General David Deptula

  • The Times, February 9

    Britain must back its ally over Yemen conflict

    Iran’s active involvement in the country has been overstated. But Houthi success would provide the ayatollahs with strategic opportunities to boost their imperial aggression in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, which represents an increasing danger that must be contained.

    2016-02-09 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • El Mundo, November 16

    #Hashtags and Statements Are Not Enough

    Like it or not, the group led by Caliph Ibrahim operates as a State, exercises its power as a State, gets fed as a State, and defends itself as a State.

    2015-11-16 by Rafael Bardaji

  • Expansión, November 16

    Europe Is Not at War, the Islamic State is

    Despite the rhetoric used during the last two days, Europe doesn’t act as if it were at war with the Islamic State (ISIS). The countries continue approaching the issue as a criminal problem, as one of radical minorities. But the Islamic State has actually decided to declare war.

    2015-11-16 by Rafael Bardaji

  • Terrorist attacks in Paris

    This is a War and We Have to Win

    From the Friends of Israel Initiative, we strongly condemn these savage terrorist attacks and we express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the French people. We stand with you, now and forever.

    2015-11-14 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • Terrorist attacks in Paris

    The coming Islamism

    Radical Islam—for not saying jihadism—is incompatible with our way of life, values, and interests. Here and in any place in the world. The West and Islam do not match, unless we surrender and submit.

    2015-01-09 by Rafael Bardaji