• Asia Times, April 28

    Why we are optimistic about Zionism


    In the face of protracted violence and hostility, Israel’s response has historically been more prosperity and more freedom. It is a global leader in medicine, technology, and innovation—with the most start-ups outside Silicon Valley — and among the freest and happiest countries in the world.

    2016-04-29 by Col. Richard Kemp, Yossi Raskas and Dr. Harold Rhode

  • Brussels Terrorist Attacks: Another Chapter of this War

    We are amid a turning moment in our history. The moment to repeat the mistakes of the past or the moment to tackle all these challenges and overcome them. It is up to us.

    The Brussels terrorist attacks are another chapter in a war that we have to win. It is in our hands.

    2016-03-23 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • The Miami Herald, March 12

    The West’s fight against terrorism is anemic


    The United States, the United Kingdom and our coalition partners must intensify our anemic action to destroy the Islamic State

    2016-03-14 by Colonel Richard Kemp and Lt. General David Deptula

  • The Times, February 9

    Britain must back its ally over Yemen conflict

    Iran’s active involvement in the country has been overstated. But Houthi success would provide the ayatollahs with strategic opportunities to boost their imperial aggression in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, which represents an increasing danger that must be contained.

    2016-02-09 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • POLITICO, January 27

    Moderate Iran is a fantasy


    The West should be wary of deepening ties with a regime that has stepped up arrests and judicial abuse.

    2016-01-28 by Giulio Terzi

  • The Friends of Israel Initiative mourns the passing of Lord George Weidenfeld of Chelsea, one of our Founding Members

    An Exemplary Man

    Lord Weidenfeld was one of those few men who write the history. He was very involved in the highest causes of our times and was an exceptional witness of all the moments that have configured our current world. He moreover taught all of us also an universal lesson for success and greatness: never give up.

    2016-01-20 by Friends of Israel Initiative