• The Telegraph, May 15

    Hamas are using their own people as expendable tools. Don't fall for their games

    All of this is no doubt hard to fully understand, especially if you are conditioned to see Israel in a bad light. But those who wrongly accuse Israel of using too much force play into the hands of Hamas.

    2018-05-15 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • Conservative Home, May 15

    Hamas needs dead Palestinians at Israel's borders

    This week's operations, which are larger in scale than any seen previously, could result in greater numbers of Palestinian casualties than we have already seen. If they do, it is important to remember that Hamas is not only the party responsible, but one one that wanted such an outcome in the first place.

    2018-05-15 by Rafael Bardaji and Davis Lewin

  • Libertad Digital, May 14

    Israel's Strategic Challenges

    If the Europeans had treated Israel as a regular partner, with its strengths and weaknesses, but fully capable of making its own decisions, the conflict with the Palestinians would have ended years ago.

    2018-05-14 by Rafael Bardaji

  • Gatestone Institute, May 13

    Expected Upsurge in Gaza Violence

    The true and malevolent purpose of Hamas's plan is to incite violence in such a way that the IDF has no choice but to respond with lethal force, killing Gaza civilians.

    2018-05-13 by Colonel Richard Kemp

  • Statement on President Trump's decision to leave the JCPOA

    We urge all Western parties involved in the deal to take advantage of this new situation and to work together to create a new framework and a coherent strategy to deal with Iran comprehensively.

    2018-05-09 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • The Telegraph, April 24

    War between Iran and Israel is coming - and Britain must take a stand against the former's terrorist proxies

    Britain and her allies must understand Israel's position, making clear to Iran and Hezbollah that their campaign of terror against Israel will be met by international condemnation and an acceptance of Israel's fully legitimate military reaction.

    2018-04-25 by Lord General Richard Dannatt

  • Ambassador John Bolton's appointment as National Security Advisor


    2018-04-09 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • La Gaceta, April 5


    Israel may be the last Western nation on the face of the Earth.

    2018-04-05 by Rafael Bardaji