• What is the real obstacle to peace?

    The truth about the Jewish settlements and Jerusalem

    The basic problem is the tenacious refusal of the Palestinian leadership -- both the one in Ramallah, the West Bank, linked to Al Fatah, and the one that controls the Gaza Strip, subordinated to Hamas -- to recognize the existence of the Jewish state and declare clearly that they are willing to live peacefully with their neighbors.

    2017-01-18 by Carlos Alberto Montaner

  • Il Giornale, January 13

    Paris on the UN and Obama's heels

    The Paris so called "peace conference" on Sunday is perhaps the last chance to stomp on the Jewish State before a sea change brings about the understanding that this refusal made up of bombs, vehicle attacks, stabbings, kidnappings?

    2017-01-13 by Fiamma Nirenstein

  • Israel Hayom, January 12

    Call off the Paris conference

    Peace between Israelis and Palestinians does not need more plans or conferences such as the one to be held in Paris on Jan. 15. What it does require are two truly committed parties ready to negotiate.

    2017-01-12 by Rafael Bardaji and Colonel Richard Kemp

  • Peace Conference in Paris

    Letter to President of France François Hollande

    Friends of Israel Initiative Board Members ask President Hollande to cancel the Peace Conference to be held next January 15 in Paris.

    2017-01-08 by Friends of Israel Initiative

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  • Turkey - Quo Vadis

    Shmuel Bar

    Working Paper 40

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  • Peace Requires New Approaches

    Friends of Israel Initiative

    Working Paper 39

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