José María Aznar All we want is a normal and reasonable conversation about Israel. Surely, that is not too much to ask.
José María Aznar
George Weigel Attempts to delegitimate the State of Israel are an outrage and ought to offend anyone of a democratic disposition, no matter what one may think of this or that Israeli policy. Enough mindless bias is enough.
George Weigel

Current Signatures

rika zimmerman

You have brought tears to my eyes! You said it all and said it well. I am proud to know that people such as you still exist. I whole heartedly support your effort. Am sending the information to my mailing list and asking especially for this communication to be forwarded far and wide. My endless gratitude and best wishes rika zimmerman Boston, MA 617 267 3831

Midge Blatt

I am so very pleased to learn about this group that supports the existance of Israel as a nation.

Richard Irving

Congratulations on this important initiative. Thank you for having the courage to speak plain truths in a world full of cowardice and ambiguous speech.

Alexis Wiseman

I think that a strong Israel is the only Israel that will bring the Arabs to the peace table. -- Benjamin Netanyahu The only think chicken about Israel is their soup. -- Bob Hope

Don Fredricks

Good group. Thank you for forming it.

Bonnie Slavitt Moore

Helen Cohan

Every item you list resonates with me. OUr best wishes to you, to Israel and to the free world. We need to stand together.

Naum Shafir

Renee Levine

Jim Ginsburgh

lane fisher


Andrew Hobey


Magaly Santamarina

Viva Israel por siempre!!!!

sokolski bernard

Merci Monsieur Aznar.

r chaplan m.d.

please send me information to join and support the organization

Jennifer H. Brown

Steph Eiley

Kim Stevens

I stand in support

Simon Burd

Joshua Kashanian

William Schmidt

Irina Faynzilberg

Kevin Cooney

Dr.Franck BLOCH

Ira Brodsky

Very well chosen and stated convictions.

Steven Katz

Joe Brennan

Peace for everyone in the region.

MIke Levine

Great Job !

scott rabin

Rachel Hernandez

I am American of Mexican descent and I support Israel 100·/.. I have been to Israel twice and plan to go again in the near future. Read your article in Wall Street Journal, July 8th. Thank you for what you are all doing standing with Israel!

rochelle lyons

Dennis Hendrix

Peter Lewin

I applaud your efforts.

Daniel Nestle

This document represents an important step forward in recognizing and combating the idiocy that defines prevailing international attitudes and policies toward Israel.

Julius Lubman

It is wonderful to hear that people from significant international leadership positions believe as you do and are willing to state their commitment publicly.

Rodrigo París

Estoy de acuerdo en todo, menos en estar en la misma lista con John Bolton. Pero la defensa de Israel vale ese sacrificio y más.

Bernie Liebgott

Many thanks to the founders for speaking so elequently on our behalf

Thomas J. Edwards

You are to be commended for the cogent and concise argument for a reasoned discussion of the problems Israel faces.

Paul Ellenbogen

Marianne Ferrari

Thank you for standing up for Israel: I have watched, horrified and powerless, as countries round the world--including our own, its former staunch ally--have ganged up on a country already surrounded by enemies. You are right to state that Israel is a Western democracy and a normal country. How telling that such an obvious truth should so contradict the "conventional wisdom" of our time! I stand beside you and each one of your enumerated points. Marianne Ferrari

Mordachai Siegel

It is a breath of fresh air to come across your editorial in the Wall Street Journal and to become a part of your initiative. If there is anything I can do to be a part of your important mission please let me know


Gail Agensky

Jerusalem Foundation of Canada

Felix Belkin

alex strasser

Arnon Krongrad

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