• Libertad Digital, September 11

    9/11: Jihadism and Us 15 Years Later

    Are we safer 15 years after 9/11?

    2016-09-11 by Rafael Bardají

  • Nice: The West Must Remain Strong and United

    The West is under the threat of Jihadism, an enemy who will not stop to destroy us, and it is now the time to remain strong and united.

    2016-07-15 by Friends of Israel Initiative

  • El Medio, July 15

    The Deal with Iran: One Year of Deceit

    Those of us who were strongly opposed to an agreement we felt it was so bad for Western interests, peace in the region, and international stability as to prefer it not signed at all, we have all seen our arguments strengthened in this first year of the deal going by the acronym JCPOA.

    2016-07-15 by Rafael Bardají

  • REPORT LAUNCH: "The Iran Deal a Year On: Assessing Iranian Ambitions"

    On the anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the so-called ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran, a new publication by The Friends of Israel Initiative and The Henry Jackson Society lay bare the failure of the P5+1 strategy to normalise Iran’s international relations.

    Despite the lofty promises and high hopes on the part of the deal’s supporters, a year after the nuclear deal, far from being better, the resulting situation is worse. Worse for international security, worse for nuclear non-proliferation, worse for regional stability, and above all worse for the people of Iran themselves. Iran has not become a regular nation-state in the international community, has breached the JCPOA and associated agreements, and has neither changed its course in the region nor made any significant steps towards easing repression domestically.

    2016-07-14 by The Friends of Israel Initiative and The Henry Jackson Society

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  • Turkey - Quo Vadis

    Shmuel Bar

    Working Paper 40

    Download PDF

  • Peace Requires New Approaches

    Friends of Israel Initiative

    Working Paper 39

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    HLGM Advisors Working Session: The Nature of Hybrid Warfare Today

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    High Level Home Front Group Assessment Mission to Israel

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    Presentation of the new HLMG report about the use of force against terrorist groups in the U.S. House of Representatives

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